Why Jamaica is a Top Tourist Destination

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Jamaica is regarded as a place for romantic travel. Couples feel cheerful and happy to visit this wonderful tourist destination just after their marriage. Even a big family with kids can visit Jamaica to enjoy its sight scenes. It is a wonderful vacation spot for people with all ages. Popularity of Jamaica as a tourist spot is increasing for the past few years. You can get everything in Jamaica which can be enjoyed by people with all taste and preferences. If you are thinking about International travel, Jamaica is a wonderful place to visit.

Island of Jamaica

Jamaica being the largest island in Caribbean has an area of 145 miles from east to west. The mountain ranges of Jamaica runs in the length of the island. It has a height of 7400 ft towards the east.

But, the question still remains in the mind to many people that, why Jamaica is so popular when people search for tourist destination? Why are tourists getting increased by number every year?

Tourist Attractions in Jamaica

Tourists are getting variety of hotels and resorts in Jamaica. Even the guest’s houses are available in very affordable price range. Since the hotels and guests houses in Jamaica include accommodation facilities for people with different economic background, more tourists are getting attracted towards the wonderful tourists destination.

Travel Conveniences

Jamaica Destination

Travelling to this destination is quite easy with several airports, variety of roadways with connectors, highways, ports. Thus, visitors can easily access different tourist destinations in Jamaica. Resorts are also another important facility in Jamaica which makes the place one of the popular tourist destinations of the world. The resorts include food, shelter and other luxurious facilities.

Tourist Destinations in Jamaica

Popular tourist spots in Jamaica are also one of the important reason of its popularity    among the tourists.

Doctor’s Cave Beach – Montego Bay

Beach hopping is one of the important activities for the tourist visiting Jamaica. Doctor’s Cave beach is famous for beach hopping activities of people visiting Jamaica. The sugary white sand in the beach is followed by the quiet aquamarine water.

Black River Safari – St. Elizabeth Parish

This is an extra ordinary tourist spots in Jamaica where people are quite close to dangerous creatures in water and forest. This river ride will take you close to the crocodile’s native place. You can travel in water with the fun filled activities along with the comfort inside the boat. You can also know and learn about the flora and fauna in those areas.

Dunn’s River Falls – Ocho Rios

Dunn’s River Falls – Ocho Rios

Dunn’s river falls is a wonderful spots which are enjoyed by the visitors around the World. The water falls over the staggering green vegetation looks brilliant. Even the Professional photographers take photographs of this beautiful tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Blue Lagoon Jamaica

Tourists are very eager to view the deep blue water hole which is associated with the fresh water springs. This is also connected to the sea with a narrow channel. You can get the involvement of both blue and red colors over here.