Huashan Trail – Dangerous Trails

If you like real adventure we have one place for you. It`s Huashan Trail on Mount Huashan, located in province Shaanxi in China. Mount Huashan is one of the Five Great Mountains in China. It has significant long religious history. This sacred Taoist mountain is inside Huashan National Park.

It has breathtaking cliffs which are a challenge for the most adventurous people. Taoist monasteries historically had an influence on China culture. Here you will find one of the five Taoist monasteries in China. It will be yours incredible adventure to visit Huashan National Park, especially Huanshan Trail and the Chess Pavilion on the end of Huanshan Trail.

Huashan Trail is considered the most dangerous trail

Huashan Trail is the same mountain trail that will lead you to the beautiful temple on the cliff top. The problem lies in the fact that Huashan Trail is declared the most dangerous hiking trail in the world. We hope that you are not afraid of heights, as it would help these photographs could easily make the fear of God. Some of the most adventurous pictures you in your life you can make in China, on Mount Huashan.

At the beginning of the gigantic mountains are steep stone steps popularly called “paradise steps” that lead so high in the mountains. When you look down, you see the end of them. Huashan Trail is one of the most dangerous trails in the world – here and goats graze under the handbrake! It will be one of the most amazing experiences in your life. Sunrise or sunset are magnificent and you need to be there because it can`t be described with right words.

Here are some tips for your trip on Huashan Trail: wear comfortable shoes, bring water. It`s the best to go early so you will have time to explore all the peaks. The best way to start is with North Peak than go to East, South and finish with West where you can take the cable car down. Take snacks with you because you don`t have food stores around.