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There are many beautiful natural attractions to visit in your RV rentals in Idaho. The Shoshone Falls, sometimes called the "Niagara of the West", is actually 45 feet higher than Niagara Falls - it is 212 feet high! Shoshone Falls Park, in the City of Twin Falls, overlooks the waterfall, great view from your RV rental. Nearby is the Snake River Canyon, home to a northern alternate of the Oregon Trail and the Murtaugh rapids on the Snake River itself.

Another water-based site to visit is the Lava Hot Springs - it is open year-round, with odor-free hot mineral baths, a prime destination or RV rentals in Idaho. The Hells Gate State Park, also on the Snake River, features jet boat excursions into Hells Canyon. Along the way, in your RV rental, there are campsites as well, and fishing in some places along the Snake River.

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Idaho
Shoshone Falls
Lava Hot Springs
Idaho State Capitol
Snake River - Murtaugh Rapids
Idaho Potato Exposition
Idaho Museum of Natural History
Idaho State Historical Museum
Bruneau Dunes State Park
Hells Gate State Park & Hells Canyon
Craters of the Moon National Monument

We offer many types of RV rentals in Idaho including: camper rentals, motorhome rentals, travel trailer rentals, toy hauler rentals, and many other RV rental types for you to choose from. Once you determine the type of RV rental you need it will help you filter your search results.

Idaho is famous for its potatoes, and as such the Idaho Potato Exposition is a popular attraction to visit in your RV rental. There, you will find a museum, a potato gift shop, and the world's largest potato chip. At the Bruneau Dunes State Park, visit the tallest single-structured sand dune on the continent: 470 feet high! While there, participate in activities such as hiking, swimming and fishing, and bird watching. And at night, from your RV rentals in Idaho, view the stars here at Idaho's only public observatory.

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